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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PC is the third in the Modern Warfare series, the eighth in the Call of Duty franchise and is a first-person shooter game, with, as all the other games in the series
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PC is the third in the Modern Warfare series, the eighth in the Call of Duty franchise and is a first-person shooter game, with, as all the other games in the series, a war-torn setting, or series of settings and locations all over the world. You and your team are tasked with finding the bad guy and stopping his nefarious plans: first you must fund him and battle your way through hordes of enemies to do so.

About the Game

Centred around Task Force 141, the game is set pretty much all over the world, as the multinational team work to stop the villain, Makarov. Familiar figures return from the other games in the series, in the form of Captain Price, Soap McTavish and the rest of the American, British and Russian crew.

Play is fairly linear with the player pretty much tasked with reaching a certain point on the map, while killing everything that moves and is an enemy. Each mission is fairly similar as far as objectives go, but the differences lie in the journey. At times you will have to go hard and fast, spraying bullets and racing to get to safety, at other times you will have to go slow and quiet, sneaking along so as to not be spotted.

This is a change from previous games where there was a dedicated stealth area and where storyline could sometimes make a player feel quite redundant as cut scene after cut scene filled in the narrative. This game gets the balance right: a relatively simple premise, with just enough variety and detail that you remain immersed in the game until the mission is complete, and – quite often – beyond.

Competent players can progress quickly, and at the end of each successfully competed round, the player is rewarded with a point boost, a new weapon or unlocking of some cool and interesting piece of equipment. This is not to say that the game is too easy: you are challenged and must work for your successes, so winning each level is satisfying.

Modes of Play

  • Single Player/ Campaign Mode: The player changes characters as they play through the story arc. You will be joined by AI soldiers on each mission. Information comes to you via a heads-up display which alerts you to damage sustained and the need to recuperate until your health bar has regained some points. There is an upsetting cut scene at the beginning of the game, but players can choose to skip this, if they are sensitive to gratuitous violence
  • Cooperative Play Mode: there are a couple of co-operative modes. Survival allows you and a friend to fight off wave after wave of increasingly violent, numerous and skilled enemies. Unlike other iterations, they will spawn all over the map, responding to your position. Special Ops is the other cooperative mode, where you and your buddy can work your way through a mission, fighting off the bad guys and protecting each other’s butts
  • Multiplayer Mode: multiplayer mode has a lot to offer: Assault, Support, Specialist are the three strike packages that will earn you points and kudos. Assault involves the player gaming the gamut of the game without dying: being struck down means losing all the points acquired until then. Support is similar, but tallies all your cumulative points into your final score. There is a bit of something for everyone, so be sure to try them all
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