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Human: Fall Flat for PC is a platform puzzle game that is perfect for those with a quirky sense of humour and a knack for seeing things a little differently.
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Human: Fall Flat for PC is a platform puzzle game that is perfect for those with a quirky sense of humour and a knack for seeing things a little differently. The animations are comedic even as the puzzles can be fiendish and you will spend hours alternately chuckling at your character’s antics or cursing as you try to work out how to solve the current puzzle.

About the Game

You control a shapeless humanoid figure called Bob – they are all called Bob! – as you work your way around the game. Each level consists of getting Bob to the exit where he enters the next level and does it all over again.

Bob has no special powers he is all human, and must navigate around the levels in a very human fashion: no flying, no death-defying leaps or gravity defying gliding to avoid larger than usual gaps.

Instead, Bob must use what is around the landscape to enable him to climb, jump and otherwise get around the obstacles in his way. Various secrets are hidden that offer tutorials on how to tackle new challenges: these can include stacking boxes, learning to climb up walls, navigate ledges and even how to make walls crumble so you can get through to the other side.

Customising Bob

Bob is something of a blob at first, vaguely humanoid but featureless and sporting only a baseball cap which is sort of built into his general shape. However, playing co-op mode or multiplayer doesn’t have to be confusing, each player can customise Bob their own way.

Bob can be dressed in a variety of clothing – you can even get your fellow players to emulate the Village People if you want to! – or you can dress him in any way you choose.

Or Bob can stay naked! You can paint his skin any colour you like, including stripes, polka dots or a smiley face. You can put war-stripes on him, or just paint his cap: the Paint style customisation tool lets you do your own thing with your Bob.

Ways to Play

  • Single Player – Potentially the most difficult way to play, you have to take Bob through the puzzles by yourself, working out solutions, fetching and moving objects that will help you and plugging away at tricky manoeuvres until you have mastered them well enough to get to the end of the level

  • Co-op Mode – Your Bob and your friend’s Bob can work together to puzzle out how to get to the exit in the quickest and safest manner, as you enjoy watching their antics and help each other out. Bob’s death-grip works on other Bobs, so if one of you has mastered a particular climb or swing, just have the other one grab hold and be carried safely across

  • Multiplayer Mode – Up to eight of you can work to solve puzzles as a group. The word group fits better than ‘team’ as some of the other players can work against the others, throwing away boxes needed for climbing, selfishly using ropes needed by all of you, or doing other mildly annoying things of that ilk. Mildly annoying as items tend to respawn or be plentiful, and there are usually multiple ways to get to a solution

  • Pro Tip: In co-op mode and multiplayer mode, your Bob can hang onto other players to swing across or to be piggybacked up a climbing wall. In this game, multiplayer is definitely more fun – the more Bobs there are slapping sticky hands onto walls, splatting down cliffs and puzzling their marshmallow heads over solutions, the more enjoyment there is to be had by all

  • Human: Fall Flat for PC is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds. Play smart. Pay less.


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